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Zed lives in England and hates everything except writing stories, black metal and exaggerating.

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Silly Stories
Malcolm The Magic Moose (1997, 6K)
The Time Machine (1997, 14K)
Mixing Physics With Romance (1998, poem)
Nart_Z_Bopper (1999, what teenyboppers' websites would look like if they were into Hitler, not boybands)
My Boyfriend's A Re-Enactor (2001, poem)
The Sorted Hat (2001, 4K, fanfiction)
Reflection (2002, poem)
I'm Just A Prat In Year 11, Love (2003, 3K)
The Philosophy Stop (2004, 9K)
With Oden On Our Side (2008, 11K)
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (2008, 21K)
Return To 'Nam (2008, 18K)
The Sponge, The Tower, The Accountant And His Lover (2008, 18K)
Brother Of God (2008, 7K)
Let Them Know It's Christmas Time (2009, 15K)
A Norwegian Saga (2011-2, 358K)
Eternal Strife (2012, 29K)

Tales Of Bunsing And Turmoil
The Bunser's Kindness (2013, 40K)
The Bunser's Revenge (2013, 30K)
The Bunser's Holiday (2013, 81K)

Kirkthorpe-Related Creations
(I recommend reading these in order, but only if you're very bored.)
The Chronicles Of Walter Winterbottom (2001, 33K)
Christmas In Kirkthorpe (2009, 24K)
The Specific Guide To Alternate North Yorkshire (2007, 19K)
Traditional Tales And Songs (2007, 15K)
T'Lahf And Opinions Of Tobias Winterbottom, Gentleman (2005, 39K)
Part 12 of A Norwegian Saga is also set partly in Kirkthorpe.

Sensible Stories
Telephone (1998, poem)
Now I Don't Know (1998, 51K)
Create And Destroy (1999, poem)
Stationery (1999, 11K)
Double Fault (1999, 277K)
The Man In The Kitchen (2008, 13K)
An Ode To Skype (2011, poem)

Bad Goth Poetry (And Prose)
Holding On (1997, 8K)
High Rising (1999, 9K)
The Supermarket (1999, 7K)
The Dying Pensioner (1999, poem)
Along Comes Mary (1999, 24K)
Vignette (2000, 8K)
Love Is (2001, poem)
Personification (2002, poem)
Playground Love (2002, 19K)
Without You (2002, poem)
Home (2003, 7K)
Wasted Days (2009, poem)
On The Beach (2009, poem)

Strange Stories
The Railway (2005, 17K)
Final Resting Place (2007, 9K)
Newcastle (2008, poem, true)
Tumblr (various tales from 2013 onwards)

School Daze (blog)
04/1998 Go Away
05/1998 Why Playing The Clarinet Is Good For You
06/1998 Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud
07/1998 To Ireland I!
08/1998 I Can Drive! I Can Drive!
09/1998 Mental Notes
10/1998 No One Says A Thing In The Middle Of England
11/1998 A Dracula Spectacular
12/1998 "I Can't Go To History! I Have To Watch Star Wars!"
01/1999 The Death Of A Lightbulb Came As No Surprise
02/1999 Flippin' Fly (For A Yellow Guy)
03/1999 O My Scarz
04/1999 The Disintegrating Kitchen
05/1999 Four Seasons In One Day
06/1999 How To Pass Your A Levels Without Really Trying
07/1999 Upper Pigsville
08/1999 The Lamppost Factor
09/1999 Smill And Zed's Excellent Adventure
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A Finno-Baltic Odyssey (photos and blog from 2006)
Pictures Of Helsinki, Lake Bodom And Vantaa
Pictures Of Tallinn
Narva And Its Environs
Pictures Of Tartu
Pictures Of Riga
Pictures Of Kolka
Part 1: Metal Heaven
Picutres Of Ventspils, Liepaja and Klaipeda
Pictures Of Siauliai And the Hill Of The Crosses
Pictures Of Vilnius And Trakai
Part 2: Summary
Pictures Of Kaunas
Yuppie Love

Flashes Of Darkness (other bloggage)
Portland (2000, 7K)
In Australia (2004, 6K)
Let's Invade Poland (2008)
Fragments (2008-9, 40K)
The Black Rose Ball (2013)

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