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Zed lives in England and hates everything except writing stories, black metal and exaggerating.

Of The Creations Below
These are the scant few of Zed's writings she deems good enough to show people, but not good enough to request money for. (The majority, of course, she deems unfit for others' eyes.) The best are marked with a *. They could all do with some hardcore editing, but since editing resides in a particularly unpleasant circle of Zed's self-devised hell, you'll just have to take them as they are. Or better, go and read some real literature.

Silly Stories
Malcolm The Magic Moose (1997, 6K)
The Time Machine (1997, 14K)
Mixing Physics With Romance* (1998, poem)
Nart_Z_Bopper (1999, what teenyboppers' websites would look like if they were into Hitler, not boybands)
My Boyfriend's A Re-Enactor (2001, poem)
The Sorted Hat (2001, 4K, fanfiction)
Reflection (2002, poem)
I'm Just A Prat In Year 11, Love (2003, 3K)
The Philosophy Stop (2004, 9K)
With Oden On Our Side (2008, 11K)
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (2008, 21K)
Return To 'Nam (2008, 18K)
The Sponge, The Tower, The Accountant And His Lover* (2008, 18K)
Brother Of God (2008, 7K)
Let Them Know It's Christmas Time (2009, 15K)
A Norwegian Saga* (2011-2, 358K)
Eternal Strife* (2012, 29K)

Tales Of Bunsers And Turmoil
The Bunser's Kindness (2013, 40K)
The Bunser's Revenge (2013, 30K)
The Bunser's Holiday (2013, 81K)

Kirkthorpe-Related Creations
The Chronicles Of Walter Winterbottom (2001, 33K)
T'Lahf And Opinions Of Tobias Winterbottom, Gentleman (2005, 39K)
Traditional Tales And Songs (2007, 15K)
The Specific Guide To Alternate North Yorkshire (2007, 19K)
Christmas In Kirkthorpe (2009, 24K)
Part 12 of A Norwegian Saga is also set partly in Kirkthorpe.

Sensible Stories
Holding On (1997, 8K)
Telephone (1998, poem)
Now I Don't Know (1998, 51K)
Create And Destroy* (1999, poem)
Stationery (1999, 11K)
High Rising (1999, 9K)
The Supermarket (1999, 7K)
The Dying Pensioner* (1999, poem)
Double Fault (1999, 277K)
Along Comes Mary (1999, 24K)
Vignette (2000, 8K)
Love Is (2001, poem)
Personification (2002, poem)
Playground Love (2002, 19K)
Without You (2002, poem)
Home (2003, 7K)
The Man In The Kitchen (2008, 13K)
Wasted Days (2009, poem)
On The Beach (2009, poem)
An Ode To Skype (2011, poem)

Strange Stories
Portland (2000, 7K, true)
In Australia (2004, 6K, true)
The Railway (2005, 17K)
Final Resting Place (2007, 9K)
Fragments (2008-9, 40K, true)
Let's Invade Poland (2008, 23K, travelogue / gigalogue)
Newcastle (2008, poem, true)
To Rottendom (2010, 14K, travelogue / gigalogue)
Tumblr (2013 onwards, stories and blog)

A Finno-Baltic Odyssey (2006)
Pictures Of Helsinki, Lake Bodom And Vantaa
Pictures Of Tallinn
Narva And Its Environs
Pictures Of Tartu
Pictures Of Riga
Pictures Of Kolka
Part 1: Metal Heaven
Picutres Of Ventspils, Liepaja and Klaipeda
Pictures Of Siauliai And the Hill Of The Crosses
Pictures Of Vilnius And Trakai
Part 2: Summary
Pictures Of Kaunas
Yuppie Love

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