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About me

My name's Claire and I'm a full-stack web developer and programmer. I'm always aiming to use and expand my technical abilities, and my background in customer service has imbued in me the importance of efficiency and professionalism. I worked as a web developer in 1999-2000, but that just involved HTML, CSS and Flash, because the Internet was still in black and white back then. However, since then I've obtained a degree in Mathematics; the top mark in my university's Science faculty 'cause I'm a girly swot; a Master's degree in Mathematics in the Living Environment; and a lot of professional experience in C programming, statistics, customer service, translating, office work, teaching, creative writing and showing photocopiers who's boss. I speak German and Norwegian. Sort of. You can view my CV here.

I would like a job in web development or another form of programming in my local area. I live in Durham in England. If you have, or know of, a programmy job that might suit me, please let me know. I am free to start immediately and at any time (except next week, 'cause I'll be on holiday in Iceland).

My skills are listed below the silly photos, as are some websites and programs I've created. My Github account is here.

Paying and displaying.
About to bring the metal to my cousin's wedding.
Me, when the moon is full.
In Skegness.

Skills & Software

HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP ASP mySQL AJAX Bootstrap AngularJS Knockout XML Git C C++ C# ASP.NET VB.NET Java Python Inform Flash Dreamweaver Microsoft Office Pegasus Opera LaTeX R SPSS Matlab ArcInfo Mathematics Statistics Teaching Tutoring German Norwegian Proofreading Creative Writing


Websites & Programs


jQuery Game

Fast Farm

Content Management System

Strange Short Stories


Inform Game

The Quest For The Missing Glowstick

C++ & SFML Game



XML Page

Gigs I've Attended

Contact Details

email / 07977 389422 / LinkedIn

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